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African Skincare Routine

 Five Step System To Clear Radiant Skin 




1. Exfoliate + Scrub 💤

 *If You Generally Have Dry Skin, We Recommend You Switch Steps 1 & 2 For Best Results!*

  • Start by wetting your face with water. Make sure your face is nicely saturated. Hydration is a must!
  • Next, massage the scrub onto the skin in a upward circular motion. Watch out for your eyes, they're very sensitive.
  • Lastly, rinse off.

Exfoliating should solely be done at night because you don't want your face to be extra vulnerable to the sun's UV rays during the day. Exfoliating at night also allows all the nutrients from the rest of the products to penetrate deeply into your pores!

For best results, exfoliate daily or every other day if you have sensitive skin.

Be sure to follow with STEP #2 of the African Skincare Routine.


2. Cleanse + Purify ☀️/💤

 *If You Have Acne Prone Or Oily Skin, Cleansing Is Highly Recommended Twice Daily!*

  • First, start by wetting the soap bar with water.
  • Next, lather the soap bar in your hands.
  • Massage the lathered soap onto your skin in a upward circular motion.
  • Lastly, finish with a rinse.

Tip: Remember to switch out your pillow case every 3 days. Your pillow case absorbs majority of your sweat at night. If you notice an increase in acne on the sides of your face and cheek, more than likely your pillow is the cause.

For best results, use our Cleansing Brush for a deeper gentle clean.

Be sure to follow with STEP #3 of the African Skincare Routine. 


3. Tone + Hydrate ☀️/💤

 *Toning Is Vital In Maintaining The Skin's PH Balance And Controlling Excess Oil*

  • Spray a thin layer about 6 inches (15 cm) away from your face - roughly 3-4 sprays
  • Fan dry

Toners are a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores. If you are running late and don't have time to cleanse, just apply toner on our Reusable Cotton Rounds and whip away excess buildup.

For best results, spray throughout the day whenever your face is feeling dry.

Be sure to follow with STEP #4 of the African Skincare Routine.


4. Nourish + Target ☀️/💤

 *Made For All Skin Types*

  • Apply 3-5 drops to fingertips
  • Rub your fingers together 
  • Evenly, PAT the serum into your face 

Our face serums are notoriously highly-concentrated and lightweight formulas designed to promote cellular regeneration and repair.

For best results, use our Rose Quartz or Jade Crystal Massager & Gua Sha to relieve tension, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat.

Be sure to follow with STEP #5 of the African Skincare Routine.


5. Moisturize + Protect ☀️/💤

 *Keeps The Dry Areas Hydrated & The Oily Areas At Bay, Perfect For Combination Skin*

  • Scoop out a small pea size amount
  • Then, warm the product by rubbing it between your palms
  • Lastly, PAT into your face throughly or rubbing it in an upward direction

Our moisturizer works all an emollient meaning that it will create a physical barrier to help trap moisture in, however it's main function is to soften and nourish the skin.

Be sure to follow with SPF for day time routine! Whether it is a sunny day, a Netflix and chill day, or a "work all day" type of day NEVER forget UV protection. Sun damage is the leading cause to dry skin, hyper pigmentation, and early signs of aging. Our favorite is Sun Bum's Original 'Face 50' Sun Screen Lotion, you can view it HERE.